Having stability and mobility around your hips is one of the best things you can do for your body. This is because 80% of the problems related to back pain are due to a lack of mobility or stability happening around the hips. Your hips are closely associated with your core, not only because they’re in close proximity but because if your core isn’t as stable as it should be, the muscles around your hips and lower back will chime in to do the extra work. That is why all therapist, whether athletic therapists, physio’s, and/or chiros, stress the importance of having a strong core, especially if you’re doing rehab related to back pain.

The goal of this hip mobility program is to start the process of getting your hips moving better than they did before. 20 minutes a day, that is all that is needed to open up your hips more and get the core stronger  so that you can stand/sit, squat, walk, run, jump, and/or sprint without constantly being worried about being in pain after or during.


Hip Mobility Phase I

Having proper hip mobility is very important to have not just as an athlete but also as an individual that would like to be pain and injury free throughout their life. Hip Mobility Phase I goes over basic movements that you can do in 20 minutes daily to help keep your lower body joints happy and mobile. This program goes over – rolling techniques for the muscles that are around the hip – stretching protocols, times – various flow movements that maintain synovial fluid in the joints


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