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Rolling For Beginners

Online Assessment Videos Format

Welcome to the Online Video Portal of your initial assessment. There are various videos below that will show you the movements I would like you to record and the angles I would like you to record them from. The amount of reps you should do for each video will be written in the description   Basic Movement Assessment   Standing Hip Flexion Instructions: Do … Read More Online Assessment Videos Format


…but where do I start?

So, now that January is done, most people start reassessing their new years resolutions. Some are doing great at it and have managed to have self control and discipline as the year has been progressing while others are struggling to get into a routine. One of the most common goals people have going into the new year is they want to lose weight, be … Read More …but where do I start?


Dear 2010s…

A Goodbye Ode to my first decade as an adult


Lost & Found

Not all who wonder are lost… It might seem like another cliché saying and to be fair enough, I used to think of it that way until summer 2k17 hit me harder than I’ve ever been hit before. Those who know me might say I am independent or even at times a little stubborn.  But being independent was and is my way of survival, … Read More Lost & Found