People are complicated beings created with layers and layers of personality and psyche intertwined with experiences, emotions, facts, and once in a while, intuition. The way we see the world is a combination of all these and the way we react to circumstances around us all depends on the concoction of one traits versus another.

I admire people who study psychology or work with the human psyche cause they have tasked themselves to deal with understanding people that don’t even understand themselves. You all know what I’m talking about. Have you ever had one of those moments when you react a certain way to something and your reaction catches you by surprise? It’s like, always wanting a bike, you work hard for it, you save money for it, you study how to take care of one and then you get the bike just to find yourself being nonchalant about the whole ordeal. Maybe that something was bigger than a bike but you still get to that conclusion of being nonchalant about the whole ordeal so you spend sometime wondering why actually holding the “bike” in your hands, doesn’t seem like that’s all you’ve ever wanted.

Some clever people might say that it’s because it’s “the journey that matters, not the destination”. Pssshhh – the only reason you went through that journey in the first place was because you knew what your destination was or did you.

How much do you trust yourself? How much do you trust that what you’re feeling right now, is how you’re meant to feel your whole life? How much of what you’re feeling right now, is truly you? Can you say that 95% of the time the decisions you make all lead you to becoming the person you were meant to be? How about that other 5% of the time? Where do those decisions/thoughts lead you?

This might all seem random and uncollected but I promise it all ties back together. These last few weeks, have been a journey. A journey that I’m not sure had a destination nor did it have a purpose. Am I over it? I’m not sure. I can’t say. My experience, my emotions, and my intuition, keep changing my view of the facts around  me and suddenly the destination that seemed so clear, isn’t even there.

We all feel lost…we’ve all felt stuck at one point wandering what on earth are we here for. Everyone seems to have it together with their perfect social media life and their perfect social media family and their perfect social media relationships. What about you? What about the times when you’re home alone on a Friday night wandering if there’s anyone left on this planet that you can call that won’t be too busy to pick up the phone. The human brain is one of the most complex and powerful organs of the human body. It is the control centre for all that we see, do, feel, and etc. It takes into account our experiences and modifies the world around us based on what it believes we’ll like and and what it believes we won’t like. This is done by a series of chemical reactions that I won’t bore you with – mostly because I’m pretty sure I’d get lost in translation. Not that you won’t get it – I think I might not get what I’m writing down. Anyways, these chemical reactions cause our bodies to react to things differently so our brains record this event and stores it as fact.

I know I went a little off topic but I’m back in. If your brain reacts to different situations based on the chemical reactions that the body is going trough, why do you believe that that negative, derogatory comment you just called yourself is a fact? Why do you believe that you’re not worthy of so much when you truly are? Why do you look at a picture of another human being and point out all the differences between you and them and call yours ugly and theirs beautiful? Why do we believe so much in what we feel in those negative moments that no matter what others say or do doesn’t matter? We focus so much on changing the mental game and changing our mindset which is important – I just believe there’s another piece that’s missing. And that’s understanding that what you’re feeling at a certain moment in time, isn’t necessarily all the facts. The brain plays games on you.

So I ask you again. How much do you trust yourself and the decisions you’re making right now? Is it a result of days, weeks, months, or even years or are you making the decision now because you “feel” like its right thing to do? How much of the “negative thoughts” about who you are or what you look like as a person is a fact when half of what we see or experience is made up of how much of one hormone we have in our body versus another. Psalms 139:14 says that we are all “…fearfully and wonderfully made.” That’s from the Bible and every Christian believes the Bible is a fact.  So therefore, when the God of the Universe says that you are wonderfully made – it’s a fact. Your hormone, tear-filled eyes, self venomed tongue that’s telling you you are less, is a concoction of the day or months because the brain thinks that’s what it wants. But that’s far away from true, love! You are not a sum of your thoughts, you are a sum of God’s thoughts toward you. Which one you decide to believe, is completely up to you. But I believe that His thoughts are more important than mine.

I’m not saying that you won’t have negative days. Pssshh if there’s a person whose readings this and has never had bad days – let me know your secret! Honestly – leave a comment. In all seriousness, you’ll have bad days and they’ll suck but after crying and yelling and screaming your lungs out cause you wish things were different, you know deep down inside that you are perfect and unstoppable because you were made that way.

Love every layer of your personality. Even the ones we hide behind social media or baggy clothes or “cool” friends. So I leave you with the famous words by J.Cole

“Love yourz…love yourself, girl [boy], or nobody will.”

Cause it starts with you.


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  1. I love your perspective Whit! It makes me smile how much we are on the same page reflecting on topics like this and pursuing an understanding of the world around us. We must go out and experience life to gain perspective and realize life is what you make it. You’re totally right that trusting yourself and be unapologetically you is the first step to seeing things outside of yourself and attaining a higher level of consciousness. Keep writing girl! 💕

    • Thanks Kirsten! We seem to connect on the same level every time. It’s honestly so refreshing 🙂

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