Redefining movement from rehab to performance


Training is about teaching the body to move to at its optimal ability and for this to be done, body awareness is needed. Training is more than just doing the reps/sets, it is about understanding what your body needs to achieve your goals.


Becoming strong is not just about training – it is also making sure that the joints/muscles doing all the work are able to handle the load being placed on them. The mobility programs are designed to help you improve mobility in areas that lacking it. Great for injury rehabilitation, decreasing pain, improving athletic performance.


Knowing how your body works and what it takes for it to be pain free is different with each individual. As an athletic therapist, my goal is to teach you what is causing your pain and how YOU can control it.


Derian Valdes

I have been an athlete from a very young age, with aspirations to play at the highest level and over the past couple years, Whitney has been my teacher in the true art of mobility. With her knowledge of the details, she has opened up a world of possibilities for me, she has pushed my limits physically and mentally and given me the opportunity to reach the next level by constantly progressing athletically and in the proper way. Her knowledge of injury prevention and her focus on the importance of stability and strength has truly made my dreams into reality and given me the confidence in my body to move forward and challenge myself to become the best athlete possible.”

Derian Valdes

Jolene Kwasnitza

I came to Whitney two years ago because, at the age of 40, I should not have the same back issues as a 90-year-old. I knew something was not right, but I had no idea what. I had running goals I wanted to reach but they were never going to happen if I was going to be injured every other month.
The first time I saw Whitney, I will be honest, a little intimidated. She was (and still is) incredibly fit and the first thought that went through my mind was, “This will never work”. And then we started talking. She listened. Listened to all that I had to say. She listened to my troubles but also my experiences. While she was the expert about how bodies work, I remained the expert regarding my body.
She built my first series of workouts based on what we spoke of and some testing she did, and then I promptly torn them apart. Not because they were bad, but rather, I was way worse off than we both realized. Instead of forcing me into something that does not work, Whitney adjusted and adjusted….and adjusted. Later that year, I was scheduled for surgery that took my arms and chest out of the equation for 6 weeks. But that did not stop Whitney. I got two weeks rest and then we were back at it. She carefully monitored me, adjusted to ensure that the wound sight was cared for AND made sure I was still working towards my original goals.
I have remained with Whitney these two years because she listens, she is never better than me, and nothing I say is too weird. She takes what I give her, and she builds. Two years ago, I had significant scoliosis, couldn’t activate my core to save my life and my back was a mess. Today, my back is almost straight, my core is dominant rather than my back and I have not been laid up because of my back in a year. I no longer need my workouts modified to an inch of their lives. Every little thing that pops up is addressed, and now they are little things. We are building rather than fixing.

Jolene Kwasnitza

Ivan Ikomey

Her hip mobility program saves lives! I used to have nagging pains and stiffness in my lower back  when I used to run long distances to the point that I could feel the imbalances in my hip and lower back with each step.

It was bad to the point that is used to keep me sidelined at times during my basketball season.

I’ve been doing the program for a couple weeks now daily and I can truly feel the difference. It is quite easy to follow, it is easy to follow. I usually throw on a tv show or listen to a podcast while getting it done. It is truly a lifesaver.

I’m using this program in hopes to prolong my athletic career, improve my athleticism, and increase my mobility.

Ivan Ikomey

Kwaku Addo-Osafo

“I have worked with Whitney, who is an extremely talented and knowledgeable athletic therapist and strength trainer, since 2018. She has been able to create a personalized treatment plan and training program that met my needs and goals, while making sure I understood the process. As such, Whitney has been an instrumental part in my personal bests, performances, and development as a track and field athlete.”

Kwaku Addo Osafo


Whitney is a really good trainer. Here’s why:

•       She listens to your goals & struggles. And guys, she really cares! She cares why your shoulder hurts constantly and she truly wants to help you get it feeling better & working properly.
•       She makes a researched & well laid out plan of how to get you through your struggle & out to the other side of your goals. By using her vast knowledge of body mechanics, she develops rehab or strength training exercises that are right for your body & the way you move.
•       If she sees that something is not working, she has an adjustment ready to show you. It’s actually kind of amazing to watch her brain work through how to make a movement work better for you…on the spot!

Nothing Whitney does is cookie cutter. And her training is unlike so many other online training programs out there in that way. That’s why she’s great!



Whitney has been invaluable when it comes to my athletic well being. Having worked on both my running mechanics and my ankle sprain rehabilitation, her knowledge and methods are unparalleled. Her attention to detail and constant feedback not only allowed me to recover, but also helped me understand my body, why it had failed and how I could strengthen the necessary areas to unsure success.

Her expertise of sport and anatomy emphasizes her comprehension of what the body and the individual needs in order to maximize athletic potential.